The Kingdom of Tarne

The Invasion of the Seven Warrior Tribes

The Kingdom of Tarne is the result of an invasion that took place is the year 2453 of the Second Age of Vion. For many centuries before this humans and elves had lived together in numerous small kingdoms in the largely unsettled and uncultivated continent. In the year 2453 (1630 years before present) seven militaristic and technologically advanced human tribes landed in what is now known as Keraunos. Why they came has been lost to history but the leader of this band was Louis Tarne and with him came six vassal kings and all their warriors, wives and children.

Unlike the indigenous humans groups who had only recently begun to build large cities and make the transition to full agricultural society, the invaders were organized, disciplined and numerous. Within a few decades these foreigners had conquered and settled everything west of the of the Dragonspine Mountains. Many of the local humans assimilated into the culture of the invaders and became the first minor houses of Tarne.

The elves retreated to the north and back across the sea during the first days of the invasion, disappearing into the wilderness and abandoning their stewardship of mankind rather than bring their force of arms against the juvenile race. Both the princes of Lethalasarion and the Council of Verda agreed that the humans should be allowed to progress as they will, after all how much of a threat could they possibly pose to their own kind and to nature.

The Kingdom of Tarne

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