The Firearm


The blastpowder at the core of modern warfare and dwarven economic superiority can only be made in the forge of the world.

The recipe is a closely guarded secret, unknown to all except the handful of alchemists charged with making it and passing on the recipe to a single apprentice.

Regardless of its origin, blastpowder has changed the face of vion as it allows destruction on an unprecidented scale.


Blastpowder was initially used purely as a demolitions and explosive agent. The idea to utilize it for propelling a projectile was actually discovered by accident. the lid on a mithral container killed an alchemy assistant, giving one of the scientists the idea to build the first firearm.

Currently the dwarves are only selling the plans for their flintlock pistols and rifles. Their repeating revolvers and lever action rifles are kept solely for use by their own people.

The Firearm

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