Tarnese Orders

Knights of the Carnation

Named for the flower that represents the royal house LaRoux. The order of the Carnation is sworn to protect the royal family at all costs. This sacred order draws only from second son’s of the kingdom’s great houses. All member swear fealty to the king, forsake their houses and are charged with leading the royal armies in battle. After a term of 20 years a knight of the carnation may b e granted by the king permission to found their own minor house.

Knights of the Shield

The shield knights of Tarne are the regional governors and judges of the kingdom. These commissions are general inherited in families and are not merit based. All nobles who own land are members of the order by law.

Knights of the Amaranth

The Amaranth warriors as they are called are the single oldest martial tradition in Tarne. The first five members of this order were the patriarchs of the five flowered houses. They were the generals, bodyguards and friends of Louis Tarne, the first king of Tarne. In modern times this order accepts only the bravest and most skilled warriors from the flowered and minor houses. Since the Tarne family was cast off of the throne this order’s loyalties lay with the Tarne and Normand families before the kingdom at large. This creates an interesting situation where strong warriors from families loyal to the kingdom or the LaRoux family have been diverted to other orders such as the Emerald Guard or the Tortoise Knights. Their prestige as the greatest warriors is in slight question due to this lack of participation by many families. Also their honor has been tarnished in recent years by their involvement in politicking and intrigue.

The Emerald Guard

The Emerald Guard are the left hand of the king drawn from the best of his modern volunteer army. This order is singular in that its members are given the rights of knights without requiring that the candidate be of noble birth or own property. Most of these agents are Mage Knights or Arcane Engineers though many have no magical talents. All members of the Emerald guard rise from the ranks of the Emerald Army and while there are some nobleman, most of the Noble members of the Guard are Tortoise Knights. They are spies, couriers and musketeers that serve the good of Kingdom.

The Knights of the Tortoise

These unorthodox knights are named for the noble house that founded their order. They are the commanders and generals of the Emerald Army. They are distinguished by their use of steam armor and heavy weapons reinforced with enchantments. These engines of destruction lead the peasant armies into the jaws of death and shatter that jaw.

Tarnese Orders

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