The Origins of the Species


The brutal race known as Orcs is the result of a twisted and unusual union between Faedumuer and her son, Lethalasarion. After giving birth to the elf king, Faedumuer became increasingly infatuated with her son in whom much of her estranged Lover, Gestir, could be seen. After Sareia and Gestir conceived Verda, the first elf queen, Lethalasarion increasingly distanced himself from his parents and the celestial court. He preferred to tend to his own children and his wild and fertile wife. Burning with jealousy, Faedumuer poisoned her son and put him into a trancelike state, she then took the form of a young elf maiden and bedded her son. The poison she used placed Lethalasarion into a state between life and death where his mind was wracked with nightmares and horrible visions of his mother’s dark and carnal nature. Her own selfish and ruthless intentions in this matter coupled with the nightmarish magic twisted the triplets that were conceived, two males and a female who would become the forefathers of the Orcish people.


In their own history halflings are the children of a faedumuer.

They were raised by her and instructed in the ways of wandering and enjoyment of nature’s bounty. Rather than settle on its surface they wandered taking only as they needed and behaving much the same type in their dealings with other races.

complex system of rituals that dictates their dealings with strangers, their eating habits and their coming of age rituals are believed to keep Faedumuer’s gifts in balance

In reality (unknown to any save Verda and her closest descendants) halflings are the results of a magical accident. Verda, first queen of the elves accidentally created them when attempting to discern the essence of elven immortality. Hobbits were created when she attempted to create mortals out of Elven children. Her logic being that when they are young, elves are still touched by the passage of time. The immortality that characterizes the elvish race has its onset in adulthood. She succeeded in her efforts, however, these first mortal elves were frozen and never grew to full elven adulthood. They grew old and died stunted, appearing to most eyes as children. she set them wandering and instructed them in the ways of the wild, giving them their own destiny and freedom to live not as a mistake but as a people with pride and dignity.

She wiped their minds of their knowledge of ever have been elves and set them adrift on the tides of destiny. It is because of Verda’s tutelage that halflings feel such affinity for there elvish cousins. much of the halfling way of life is based off of a fundamentalist interpretation of what elves believe. knowledge of this unfortunate accident is also what prompted the wood elves to give the island of caspos to the halflings when they could no longer engage in the lifestyle due to human invasion.

One might wonder how Halflings came to believe they were the children of Faedumuer. Shortly after they began their wanderings, Faedumuer discovered them and recognized them for what they were. Delighted by what she saw as another opportunity to torture Verda and Lethalasarion, she took the Hobbits under her wing and instilled in them a strong xenophobia, proclivity for mischief and a series of taboos and practices that isolated them from the rest of the world and nature itself.


The Elven peoples, known now as the Verdanae and the Lethalasarii were once one people living in harmony across most of Vion and Duern. There queen, Verda and their king, Lethalasarion are true born children of Gestir and Serenae. These deities, representing death and life respectively taught their two children the virtues of passion, carnality, temperance, serenity, fury and peace all in moderation. This first king and queen birthed 33 children who in turn gave rise to the Elven Race.

in the beginning all of their children were equally close to both of their lieges, however, over time the people began to shift as the more vibrant and carnal children gravitated towards their wild mother and others shifted towards the calm, elegant grace of their grim father.

with time the king and queen themselves became distant and as time progressed they embraced their own natures, forgetting the gifts and balance of the other’s love. The elven people separated with them with the verdanae following their mother across the sea into the jungle and the Lethalasarii making a frozen kingdom for themselves around the banks of frostmaw bay.

As the centuries passed Verda grew wild and carnal to the extreme, shapeshifting into a tiger for years at a time until one moon she shifted and has never been seen in her elven form again. Lethalasarion for all his power, elegance and wisdom could not light a fire in his heart without his passionate wife. He became distant, quiet and contemplative until at last all of the fire in him had died to embers, leaving him in eternal slumber.

Now the two nations are ruled by council, the druid circle ruling the Verdanae and the Dreamseers ruling the Lethalasarii by interpreting their kings dreams.

The Origins of the Species

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