Gods and Cosmology

Celestial Bodies

Garai: Sun
Gestir: White Moon
Sareia Green Moon

Gods of Men


Garai is the father of chaos, the creator and destroyer of all things. He is the sun who brings both life and death in the same breath. His two essences, destruction and creation are in constant flux, though not always in balance.

at the creation of the universe his two essences battled for domination and each of them overflowed into the void and became his two children: Gestir and Sareia

His symbol is the Sunburst


Gestir is considered the eternal sovereign by the Elves and some humans. More commonly he takes on the persona of Hades in human society. For most humans he is to be revered and appeased but never venerated. For those who understand him best they realize that without death there is no life and therefore Gestir is as integral to our world as Sareia or any of the other more benign gods.

His symbol is a scepter, he is the white moon that represents serenity, peace and lifelessness.


Sareia is the mother of all gods and indeed of all life. She represents the unpredictable and wild aspects of nature and creation where as Gestir represents the tempering force of law and death. Sareia is revered by the elves as their grandmother and the bringer of life. Humans revere her like a Hera / Ceres mixture.

Her symbol is a tree and she is the green moon that represents life, growth and passion.


Lagos is the ocean lord and bringer of storms. He is the first born son of Gestir and Sareia. He is a benevolent if not capricious deity.

His symbol is the Spiral Shell


Feros is the forger of the world and the strategic war god. He is believed to have brought metal crafting to human kind. Feros is more or less synonymous with the dwarven fire lord who stands at his forge in the center of the world replenishing the ores of the world and completing the other side of the world.

His symbol is the Phoenix and the Hammer


Faedumuer is a dichotomous deity that walks the line between liberator and villain. To the winter elves and some humans she represents freedom, sexual empowerment, love, and fortune. To most humans however she is a trickster and a corrupter of virtue. Regardless she always represents individualism and battle in the same way as Ares.

Her symbol is a wolf.


Gareth is the son of Feros and Faedumuer and was the first king of men. He is credited with creating the first men and living among them as their ruler until he returned to the heavens to give mankind the opportunity to grow.

His symbol is a crown and his animal is the Hawk.


Ephia is the goddess of purity and virtue. Her beauty is unrivaled by any of the other goddesses and despite numerous advances none of the male gods have ever succeeded in taking her maidenhood. she watches over the pure of heart and protects them from evil. Her devotees maintain the sacred watch fires of human settlements and in the heavens she contains the essence of Garai and prevents his energy from spilling over into the world.

Her symbol is a rose

Gods and Cosmology

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