The Shogun's Wrath

An Ancient Dwarven Throwing Hammer With a Grudge

weapon (melee)

+3 Throwing Hammer in the hands of a Dwarf.

2d8 Additional damage when thrown against a giant.

1d8 Additional damage against orcs.


This one handed warhammer was wrought from a pressed magma to create a diamond hard mass. It was first used by Heiachi Eyasu, the Ronin who rose to become the 3rd shogun of the Dwarves. A hero of fallen and disinherited samurai, he led a force of 2000 lordless samurai and protected the realm from orcish invasion during a great period of civil war. He was named Shogun and protector of the realm during the conflict. His hammer was a token of his station until it was lost by 7th Shogun, Stalwart Omi during the dark years.

The Shogun's Wrath

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