A legendary Katana that consumes all heat

weapon (melee)

Exotic Weapon
Legendary Relic
Intelligent Item


This legendary sword is one of the three hungers, ancient weapons used to defeat Ryu Kazangan in ancient times. This sword was wielded by the first shogun of the dragonspine mountains, Dragonfang Ichigo I. The sword was created by the greatest dwarven and elven smiths from Mithril painstaking infused with the soul of Slangekold, the companion and mount of Lethalasarion who gave his own life that Ryu Kazangan might be destroyed.

This legendary weapon absorbs all heat from anything it cuts, making it deadly to even the immortal souls of dragons. For the last few millennia it has lain dormant in the neck of Ryu Kazangan, its power keeping the magma dragon trapped and cold.

Now Flamedrinker has been pulled from the throat of the ancient enemy and he is awake again. The legendary sword is missing much to the dismay and fear of the dwarven people.


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