Scintilla S-----------

+0 to dipolmacy, +14 intimidate, and I have a direwolf


Elf Ranger specializing in two-handed weapons from Lethalasarion. She has a precious wolf companion named Fafnir Orcbane. She is mostly levelheaded and cool in combat. She worships Gestir and desires to give others a fair fight and a good death. When she has decided someone has transgressed her or her comrades long enough and engages with them in battle she conducts herself with the cleanness and coldness of an executioner-she takes no joy in abusing the dead or torturing the fallen.


Scintilla officially works as a member of the personal guard of her husband, the leader of their people.

Her husband, Lochlainn Battlerage, fights bravely and with honor when called upon, however has his suspicions about motivations of the elven oracles and the need for another war. He is levelheaded and kind to his people but fearsome in battle, due in part to the fact that he’s tall and large, even for an elf. Battlerage worships Gestir in a very organic way, but has no time to politics and warmongering.

Scintilla has a son and a very young daughter:
Caleb Bloodmoon
Lacuna Lighteningblade (They called her Nighttheif when she was a baby as a joke.)

Scintilla S-----------

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