"I'm here because my lord was killed, and I was too cowardly to take my own life to remove the shame. No, I don't want to talk about it."


Ieyasu is a dwarf. He’s also a paladin in full plate. He carries a gigantic, two-bladed axe that he wields with knife-like precision, generally for removing heads. He also is a capable horseman and puissant warrior. As a member of the religious caste he is prohibited from using swords, so his preferred weapons are his massive axe and his bow.

He’ll also outdrink anyone, and he’s willing to put money on that.


Ieyasu (formerly Blackiron Ieyasu) is a ronin. He’s not at all happy about this. He’s a very simple, direct sort of dwarf, not prone to flowery speech or using too many words. If he can get his point across without saying anything at all, he will. He joined up with the army the party was raising in the capital as a way to cleanse the shame of his lord’s death and to restore his own honor, whether by his own death or by winning glory in battle and being adopted into a new clan.

Honestly, he initially had hoped to die. Having bested the black dragon, though, and having seen-and felt the echoes of-the sacrifice made by the human priest to restore life to the land and end the blight, he now realizes that he can still be of value in the world, and is no longer trying to actively get himself killed in battle.


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