Effara Ettune

I talk outta my arse and hope that my adorability keeps me out of trouble. *wink*


Being a rather tall Faediani, Effara fights with two weapons she straps across her back: a 15 string lute named Coda, and a recently acquired battlehorn of unknown origins that can knock a full line of men on their backsides. She’s still deciding her favorite.

She also just got a gun, just a little pistol, which she regards as dubious at best but her competitive spirit is being brought out by certain other members of her current party.

That being said, Effy doesn’t really get that many hits in during battle, she knows her most powerful weapon is the voice her father gave her and she uses this gifted contralto to mostly boost her comrades, even though at times she has been known to scream at enemies and kill them with the resulting force of sound.

For the first half of the campaign, she got around on the back of Jean-Luc’s mare Butterhooves, and therefore when he died spectacularly for the perfect reason of encumbering the undead horde they were facing, she had no trouble with becoming Effy’s.


Effy’s not very good at lying so attempts at mystery and veiled history failed miserably after the first few weeks with the party and now she simply chooses the most embarrassing moments possible to poke fun at her comrades. This belies a quickly manipulative mind that is best at turning situations to her own benefit and well, she guesses the benefit of…whoever she chooses to include. Once flighty and easily distracted recent events have her taking better stock of not only where she has been, but also where she is going.

-Stands at an impressive 2’9
-Has black hair that is always bound in a loose chignon under a net. Always.
-Green eyes, long eyelashes, they work to her advantage.
-Prefers greens in her clothing, since browns clash with her hair. Even the leather of her knee boots is dyed a darker green than that of her favorite skirts.
-If an earth tone is absolutely necessary, it’s usually orange so that she stands out from others.
-Loves jewelry, wears multiple roped and braided necklaces and bracelets that she weaves herself from whatever might be lying around. Has a choker from the remains of Alysanne’s ruined silk gun cozy, shh, don’t tell her. She’s waiting to be noticed. Jean-Luc’s signet ring now hangs from this strand.
-Earned herself her first scar against Fenris of House Lethalasarion, he cleaved her chest open through her face. The scar extends from the tragus of her right ear down the side of her face and neck extending across her chest to the top of the cleft of her cleavage.
-Got herself a tattoo, with Alyssane! They don’t match though. The edges of her scar are now lined, the right side with sparks of green lightning branching out at the top to fork around her right ear, the left side lined with icicles, the last pointing toward her heart.

Effara Ettune

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