Alysanne Saline



Human gunslinger specializing in long-range sharpshooting. Alysanne believes that her profession is one of expertise and good sense. While anyone can fire a gun, few can perform precise shots in the thick of battle and remain relatively unscathed. In this sense, her profession is somewhat self-selecting as the unworthy are often weeded out with time. Respect is thus given to those who have proven their mettle in combat.

As a character, Alysanne is somewhat self-serving. She thinks highly of herself and avoids depending on others. That being said, Alysanne is not adverse to the company or companionship of her fellow adventurers. Yet more often than not, these others tend to be revolving figures who are quickly discarded and replaced as need arises. On rare occasions, Alysanne will find people whom she truly despises. Rather than openly engaging in hostilities, these individuals frequently become the targets of theft or the unknowing shield in battle.

As a fighter, Alysanne prefers to attack from a safe distance. She is rarely in the front-line and will use objects or people to divert attention away from herself. In general, Alysanne’s policy is to shoot first and to ask questions later – consequences be damned. He who hesitates is often lost. Punishment, however, can be circumvented and overcome.

Alysanne worships Gestir.

Physical description:
- 5’7" Human female. Medium build with toned muscles (noticeably arms).
- Brown hair, cropped to allow for easy maintenance and maneuverability.
- Wears the uniform of a merchant marine.
- Alysanne has a variety of tattoos and piercings, collected during her stint as a merchant marine: Two vertical lines of text (denoting a prayer) adorn her left shoulder blade. A star chart spreads across her back, noting the major constellations and stars sailors use to find their way. Some of these stars climb up her neck, making themselves visible even when full clothing is worn. An elaborate pig and rooster tattoo, one on each foot. Eight ring piercings climbing up the left ear. All gold.


Alysanne Saline

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