• Alysanne Saline

    Alysanne Saline

  • Effara Ettune

    Effara Ettune

    I talk outta my arse and hope that my adorability keeps me out of trouble. *wink*
  • Ieyasu-san


    "I'm here because my lord was killed, and I was too cowardly to take my own life to remove the shame. No, I don't want to talk about it."
  • Jean-Luc Baptiste du Sangreal

    Jean-Luc Baptiste du Sangreal

    "I won't do things just because they're 'right.' I'll do them because they're effective."
  • Scintilla S-----------

    Scintilla S-----------

    +0 to dipolmacy, +14 intimidate, and I have a direwolf